A Christmas Carol at MCI Framingham

On Thursday, December 8th, 2016, nearly 100 inmates at MCI-Framingham were transported back in time by Mr. Al LePage.  Al LePage is a performer who’s appeared on many stages all over the world, but on Thursday afternoon, he made his appearance in Framingham.

Mr. LePage contacted Superintendent Allison Hallett about the possibility of performing his one-person reading of the Dickens classic Christmas Carol.  Allison was happy to host him and he graciously lent his talents to the women who are incarcerated at MCI-Framingham for an afternoon.

Al did all of the character voices and was extremely animated during his presentation.  He did a masterful job of painting a portrait of London in the 1800’s.  His personality truly made the reading memorable and he was rewarded with enthusiastic applause after nearly every scene.

We’d like to thank Al LePage for sharing his talents during the holiday season and brightening the day for the women who attended his performance.


Performance Measures and the DOC

The Massachusetts Department of Correction Performance Measures Division is a team of three lead by Director Diane Silva. Diane along with Gail Simms, Senior Performance Measures Analyst and Ana Rosas, Performance Measures Coordinator studies and analyzes critical prison incidents so as to improve performance and maximize the safety of staff and inmates. The division collects data for standards relating to public safety, institutional safety, substance abuse, mental health services, justice, academic education, health care and fiscal. The data, once validated by the division, is entered into a nation-wide data base developed by the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA). Data is compiled on nearly 200 key indicators that were nationally determined to be useful across correctional agencies and is used to inform staff so that data driven decisions can be made about critical prison operations.


Recently, the DOC was recognized by ASCA for achieving “Blue” status. The levels of ASCA participation are color coded with blue being the highest level to be achieved. Massachusetts is one of only eleven states to receive this recognition. This accomplishment was noted in the “Corrections Directions” newsletter. In August, 2016, the Commissioner was presented with a plaque commemorating this milestone.


While the Performance Measures Division staff collects and analyzes the data, many staff contributes data to the division on a timely basis which has led to the agency going “Blue”. Much appreciation goes to the staff listed below:

Gail Simms– Performance Measures Division

Cara Savelli– Formerly Performance Measures Division

Ana Rosas– Performance Measures Division

Gina Papagiorgakis– Research and Planning

Sue McDonald– Research and Planning

Eve Gaeta -Legal Division

Matthew Moniz– Reentry Services Division

Kelly Paquin – Reentry Services Division

Sue Staves– Division of Inmate Education and Training

Marcia Gannon –Division of Inmate Training and Education

Sue Dionne– Internal Affairs Unit

Ana Alves– Division of Human Resources

Mary Beth Lees– Health Services Division

Rina Filtzer– Boston Pre Release Center

Laurie Cormier– Bridgewater State Hospital

Mark Hobart– Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Michael Dantuono– Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center

Eugene Benevides– Massachusetts Treatment Center

Haydee Pineda– MCI- Cedar Junction

Mark Smith– MCI- Concord

Tracie Mucciarone– MCI-Framingham

Michelle Ciccketti– MCI- Norfolk

Pam Rogers- MCI- Plymouth

Lorna Schwartz– MCI-Shirley

Luis Melendez– North Central Correctional Institution

Thomas Galvin – Northeastern Correctional Center

Michelle Molinari– Old Colony Correctional Center

Judy Bisio– Pondville Correctional Center

Peter Rice– South Middlesex Correctional Center

Lindsey Brewer– Souza Baranowski Correctional Center

Diane Bartlett – Massachusetts Partnership for Correctional Health (MPCH)

Rebecca Hall– Massachusetts Partnership for Correctional Health (MPCH)

Eileen Pereira– Division of Human Resources

Pat Lesperance– Budget Office