Parents Beware: The Suicide Seed

As if parents don’t have enough to worry about today, a new disturbing trend may be happening in the U.S.  It comes to us from Southeast Asia and it’s called the Pong Pong seed.  Young adults are taking these seeds in order to end their lives.  pong pong seed

The seeds contain a substance called Cerberin.  It is extremely toxic in even low dosages, often killing its victims within a few hours, symptoms may include crippling stomach pain, diarrhea, irregular heart rhythm, vomiting and a splitting headache.  Once enough of the toxin accumulates in your system, the Cerberin will succeed in completely inhibiting the cellular sodium/potassium pump enzyme and disrupt the heart’s electrical system, ultimately stopping it.

One seed contains enough toxin to kill an adult.  Recently in Chicago a trans-gendered 22 year old woman ended her life by ingesting a single seed that she purchased on the internet from Thailand for $1.  The cost to ship it to the U.S was $4.  So for $5, a young life was ended.

Please take the time to inspect what’s being shipped to your home.  This seed is nothing to be underestimated.  It is absolutely lethal.

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