7 Tips For A Safe New Year’s Eve

  1. Designate A Driver

If a group of you are going out for the evening, consider a designated driver, preferably before your plans begin. If you have a friend that prefers not to drink, then that person would be the perfect choice.  Consider a gift or repaying the favor on another night for the person who volunteers to get everyone home safely.Happy-New-Year-2016

  1. Consider Taking Public Transportation

If you don’t have to drive, then don’t. There will be a lot of people on the road (some will be under the influence) so; public transportation may be a better and safer choice.

Here is a link to the MBTA schedule for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day: http://www.mbta.com/events/

  1. Have Those Important Phone Numbers Ready

You should always have at least two emergency contact phone numbers with you at all times, preferably a close friend or relative.  In case your cell phone dies, be sure to have these numbers in your wallet or purse.  If you’re anything like me, you fully rely on your phone for people’s numbers and contact information.

  1. Make Sure That Your Cell Phone Is Fully Charged

There’s nothing worse than needing your cell phone in an emergency and finding that the battery is dead.

  1. Download Uber, Lyft Or Some Other Ride App To Your Phone

Set the application up ahead of time with your credit card information and whatever else is needed.  The time to set these apps up is not at the moment you actually need them.

  1. Find A Buddy Or Buddies

Travel in groups and stay alert.  Watch each other’s backs.

  1. Drink Responsibly

If you drink alcohol, pay attention to how much you and others around you are consuming.  Drinking too much alcohol can be fatal.

Now get out there and enjoy yourself, but have a happy and safe New Year!

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