SMCC Partnership Appreciation Event

By Stacey Butkowski

On November 18, 2015, South Middlesex Correctional Center hosted its second annual Partnership Appreciation Event.  The event  underscores the importance of the partnership between SMCC and local businesses in promoting the departmental vision of reducing recidivism by preparing inmates for their release from custody.  The partnership offers valuable incentives to employers as well.

The event centered on the recognition of employers who currently employ our inmates.  Supervisors from the  Metro West Regional Transit Authority, who assist with transportation, were also invited.   The guest speakers included both inmates currently participating in the program and an inmate who not only successfully completed the program but retained her employment since her release and has been promoted to a management position within the company.  As the work release program continues to grow, these partnerships will be of the utmost importance to the success of the program.

In striving to achieve the departmental mission of successful re-entry into the community, SMCC has significantly expanded the number of employers through which we work to find gainful employment for our pre-release inmate population.  These local businesses are paramount to the success of the work release program at SMCC and the Partnership Appreciation Event is our chance to say, “thank you,” to those businesses.  Without their participation and support of the work release program, our success would not be possible.

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